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Heat Transfer Sticker Machine (Hand Operated)

Heat Transfer Sticker Machine (Hand Operated):

We are identified as one of reputed Heat Transfer Sticker Machine (6001) Manufacturers in the global market. Our Heat Transfer Machines are made highly efficient as it constructed with high grade components.

Specifications :

Platen Size Heater Temperature Power
18”x22” 2.5 KW 220°C 220 VAC
15”x18” 2 KW 220°C 220 VAC
15"x10" 1.5 KW 220°C 220 VAC
10"x10" 1 KW 220°C 220 VAC
6"x6" 0.5 KW 220°C 220 VAC
6"x4" 0.5 KW 220°C 220 VAC
4"x4" 300 Watt 220°C 220 VAC


Heat Transfer Sticker Machine ...