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P-Numatic Heat Transfer Sticker Machine Double Bed

This machine is mainly used for fussing and sublimation printing. This machine is semi automatic and fully p-numatic for DOUBLE PRODUCTION DUE THE DOUBLE BED OF THE MACHINE. For Fusing or Printing on this machine operator push the upper Heater plate in the left or right side and place on their job on the Free bed on the machine and full the upper plate upon the ready Plate after the first plate’s job has finished. After this machine Doing work automatically and the bottom plate running upside (to Hearterplate ) for the operation and after the time has finished, the Machine is automatically come down and automatically stop. The Pressure of this machine is very good because in this machine. Very good quality p-numatic materials used. In this machine you Can adjust the temperature and timer setting according to the Requirements, means how much time and heat required for Printing or fussing.

The handling and operating of this machine is Very easy.

 Features as follows :

  1. Machine is made from heavy steel and having good fabrication and good design.
  2. Very good quality elements is used for heating the plate.
  3. The heater plate and machine is fully powder coated.
  4. Heavy and good quality of electronic goods used in the

Operating panel of the machine.

Terms and conditions :

  1. F.O.R Amritsar.
  2. 50% advance value and balance through bank.
  3. delivery of the machine within 15 days after the comfirmation the order.
  4. C.S tax will be charged extra @ 2% on presention of form ‘C’ otherwise 6.05%.
  5. All disputes are subject to the Amritsar jurisdiction only.
  6. packing charges & fitting charges extra.
  7. quatation is valid for one month only.

Different sizes are available according to the customer requirements.

Specifications :

       Size    Heater Temperature Power
16” x 20” 2.5 k .w. 220°C 220 VAC
18” x 22” 3 k. w. 220°C 220 VAC
20” x 24” 3.5 k. w. 200°C 220 VAC


P-Numatic Heat Transfer Sticke...

P-Numatic Heat Transfer Sticke...