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Case Making Machine

Case Making Machine :-
This is our case making machine for making case of books and many more on this machine you can make very best quality Hard Case. This machine can easily be operated and having three function such as Gluing, Board fixing and pressing. For accurate and best quality results. In this machine side folding is manual.
1. This machine is very useful in various types of job of case making and many more.
2. In this machine both glue hot and cold can be used.
3. One operator can finished the process of cover gluing and case making easily on both at the same time.
4. In this machine speed of gluing portion is variable, you can increase and decrease the speed of gluing according to the paper thickness requirement.
5. Digital temperature installed in the machine which displayed heating temperature of Hot Tray. It can be adjustable.

Technical Specifications:

Machine Size : 18”, 24”, 30”
Gluing Motor : D.C. Motor 1/2 H.P. Single Phase
Power : 220 VAC
Load : 3.75 Kwatt