Fussing Press (Delux Model )

This machine is mainly used for fusing or pasting like collar, coat, cuff-phatti and plackets etc.This machine is manually operated. For pasting in this machine operator pull down the upper plate of the machine manually and tighten the handle for pressing shown in the photograph. In this machine we can adjust the temperature and timer setting according to the requirements, means how much time and heat required for pasting of cloth. The handling and operating of this machine is very easy.

Features as follows: 

1.Machine is made from heavy steelmaterial and having good fabrication.

2. Very good quality elements used for heating the plates.

3.The heater plate and machine is fully powder coated.

4. Heavy and good quality of electronic goods used in the operatinng panel of the machine.

Specifications :

Size Heater Temperature Power
16" X 36" 3.5 K.W. 220°C 220VAC
18" X 36" 4 K.W. 220°C 220VAC

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