Corrugated Boxes or Sheet Dryer Machinery

This is a special dryer machine for drying corrugated boxes or sheets

The technical specification of this machine are as follow : 

Working Area 54"*26 feet*20"
Heating Zone 20 feet *54"
Motor 3 Phase-1H.P.
Heater 36 KW.
Total Load 40 KW.


Features: The Special Features Of this machine are as follows: 

1. This machine is specially manufactured for corrugated box and sheet drying purpose.

3.The two digital temperature controller istalled in the machine for controlling the heatin the heating chamber.

4. The two blower installd in the machine for circulation  the air in the heating chamber.

5. Heay and good quality of electronic goods in the panel and heater used in the machine.

6. Very good quality of balance belt used in the conveyor portion of the machine.

7. The machine is manufactured by very heavy fabrication.

Corrugated Boxes or Sheet Drye...

Corrugated Boxes or Sheet Drye...

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